CPY Staff Opportunities

Committed Partners for Youth, Lane County, currently has no open positions.


CPY Intern Opportunities

CPY of Lane County offers professional internship experiences most academic terms for-credit or not-for-credit.

CPY is not currently accepting intern applications for Fall 2013. Please let us know if you are interested in finding out about interning with CPY for Winter 2014 or Spring 2014.

Contact CPY at (541) 344-0833 ext. 105 or jay@cpylane.org


CPY Volunteer Opportunities

CPY of Lane County has various volunteer opportunities for fundraisers, events and special committees!

Contact CPY at (541) 344-0833 ext. 105 or jay@cpylane.org


CPY Board membership

CPY is currently accepting new board nominations. Please contact our Executive Director with any questions, Jay Baughman, 541-344-0833 ext. 105 or jay@cpylane.org. Each Board of Directors serves a different purpose of meets at different times during the year; here is a brief overview:

CPY Lane Advisory Board: Community elders with diversified individual connections to mobilize resources and support. This group meets twice per year (or as needed).

CPY Lane Leadership Board: Young professionals serving as ambassadors in the community, many of whom serve as mentors. This group meets at least once per month, participates in on-going fundraising activities, and promotes the mission of the agency through mentor recruitment events.

CPY Lane Board of Directors: A diverse group of professionals in the community. This group meets once per month to oversee agency-wide operations, provide vision and advice for next steps, and secure the financial well-being of youth mentoring programs in the community (e.g., fundraising responsibilities).

PMEF Board of Directors: Some members in this group have dual appointments in CPY Lane and PMEF. This group meets quarterly. Their focus is to promote the mission of the PMEF in the community (e.g., fundraising events) and to expand its financial capacity to continue funding youth mentoring programs across Lane County (e.g., major gifts, fundraising campaign, investments, grant writing, marketing).